Here is the Current List of Features for this Progressive Web App

  • Graphically Displays Current and Future Weather Conditions. Please note that the current conditions may not always be updated; in such cases, they will not be shown.
  • Graphically Displays Hourly Wind Directions in °Degrees
  • Displays Heat Index, Wind Chill Temperatures, and Dew Points In Both °Fahrenheit & °Celsius
  • Displays Wind Speeds(Sustained) In Both Miles/Hour & Knots
  • Displays Wind Speeds(Gusts) In Both Miles/Hour & Knots
  • Displays Cloud Cover, Relative Humidity, and Precipitation Potential Percentages(%)
  • Displays the 7-day Weather Forecast
  • Displays a 24-Hour Period Comprehensive Weather Forecast
  • Embeded Open Street Map for any Location in the US

Point Forecaster is a free to download weather app for your android phone.

All weather related data is pulled directly from the National Weather Service(NWS).

IDSS Forecast Points – Interactive Data and Statistical Services(IDSS) Forecast Points

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